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SingleDisabed is the handicap dating site on the web, we are committed to providing an excellent dating service for handicapped individuals, whether they are looking for love or companionship. Join free now and browse profiles of people in your area, meet someone special today!

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Dating handicap or disabled? Which One is correct?

Handicapped and disabled have very similar meanings and are used interchangeably by most people. The way it is used also comes down the context in which you use it, you wouldn’t actually say to someone ‘I am looking for a handicapped date’ - the correct way to actually say is ‘looking for a disabled date’.

Dating a handicap/disabled person is a life changing experience

A have a friend called John that I have known for just over a decade, dating has always been difficult for him, left out at university while everyone is was out exploring and meeting new people. This created a barrier in his life which he found very hard to live with. Around 6 months ago he called me out of the blue, he said “David, I think I may have met the love of my life.” and I could hear the excitement in his voice, I asked him what happened and he explained how he met Lisa online. We spoke for a long while, he said that they had met up in his town and had a coffee, 3 months later they took a weekend break in the Maldives. Online dating is an enabler of great things, it’s how you use the tools around you that will aid you in your journey of life. We strongly believe that using an online platform has a plethora of benefits, the results that it has yielded has been life changing for many people.