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Dating a deaf person is more than just sign language

Most people define deaf people by their ability to communicate in sign language, deaf dating online is more than that. Dating someone with a partial or full hearing impairment can be challenging at first but is very rewarding later, our members highly recommend learning ASL, which makes communication easier.

When you ask a deaf person on a date, ensure you face them at all times, you may have to talk a little slower than usual so they can read your lips better. The last resort would be to use a pen and paper. A great way to bond with your date is to use expressive body language in combination with slow speaking, not only does this make your message clearer, but the other person can also learn your own body language.

Where to go when dating a deaf person

Although it seems pretty obvious, you do not want to be going to clubs/bars that play loud music, if you watch a movie, always ensure that the subtitles are on, it’s the everyday small things we take for granted which make a massive difference in their lives, don’t forget this when you are around them. The best places, in my opinion, is the great outdoors, nothing beats a trip to a park full of greenery. If it is the first time meeting after speaking on a deaf dating site, you may want to take your date to a location where only you two can interact without the interruption of others, this way you can get to know each other a bit more.

How to find the perfect deaf single match

Everyone is looking for their perfect match, you want to know the secret to matching up with someone you really bond with? It’s all in the first impression. If the person you meet gives off positive vibes, which you can reciprocate to, then you have a match. This is the chemistry which is created initially which stays underlying throughout the entire relationship. Find your perfect deaf match can be as simple as this, if you know sign language this is a bigger plus, but don't be surprised if sparks fly because of your body language and facial expressions.