Four fun reasons to date someone with a disability

Written by: Jenny Woodward

When it comes to dating, most people would not choose to date someone with a disability (whether visible or invisible). Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions about dating people with a disability, when in actuality, bar a few adjustments, they are just as ‘dateable’ as anyone else out there. On the contrary, you’ll be surprised at the positives and benefits that come from being with someone with a disability!

1. A stronger bond and deeper relationship

The basis of any strong relationship is open communication. Dating can be stressful and frightening for most of us, but comes with an added level of effort for those who are disabled. They obviously need to be honest and open from the start, especially about their handicaps and limited capabilities.

The honesty required to have these personal conversations sets a solid foundation for open communication, leading to a stronger bond and thus a more meaningful relationship in the long run.

2. Opens up a whole new way of seeing the world

Often, we are so caught up in our own world and day-to-day routine that we forget to look beyond our little bubbles and social circles. We don’t see the larger picture, and the world (and opportunities) beyond.

But dating someone with a disability opens our eyes and minds to a whole new way of seeing the world. Not only do we learn the concept of ‘adaptability’, but we also start to realise how lucky we are for basic things in life. Like the fact we can see. Or walk. Or don’t have to think twice about going to a particular restaurant if it doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp. We stop taking our lives for granted and instead start showing more gratitude and appreciation for the little things. Dating someone with a disability thus helps us grow on a more deeper, internal level.

3. More adventurous than you would think

Another common assumption is that life with a disabled partner would be boring, unadventurous and even sexually blah. On the contrary, except for certain activities which one genuinely cannot partake in because of their disability (such as going on a hike if in a wheelchair), disabled people have lots of spirit and gumption and crave to do all the things people do.

And because of their handicap, they are used to finding ways to overcome their limitations and do things in spite of being disabled, so don’t throw your adventurer’s cap away just yet! You’ll be surprised at what kind of adventures await you!

4. Conveniences and freebies

And last but not the least, you do get to enjoy some conveniences and freebies, courtesy of your disabled partners.

Getting access to the disabled parking spots, not having to wait in long queues at tills and sometimes getting free admission to attractions that offer a plus one or a reduced price with every ticket for someone with a disability (to enable their carer/ companion to accompany them), are some of the added perks of dating someone with a disability.

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